Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources

Invited lecture of Ing. Ivan Pavlík, PhD. for students of General Animal Science


Ing. Ivan Pavlík, PhD. is a graduate of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra. In 2011 completed studies at FAFR in the study programme of Animal Production Management and subsequently he was a PhD. student at the Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding Biology. In 2014 successfully defended his dissertation on the topic of Holstein breed population diversity. In addition, he contributed to the research in the field of pedigree analyses of Pinzgau and Slovak Spotted cattle. Currently he works as a researcher at NPPC-RIAP Nitra - Lužianky and as an expert employee at the position of exterior evaluator in the Association of Slovak Spotted Cattle Breeders. He is also involved in the issues of common genetic evaluation of the European population of simmentalised dual-purpose breeds and linear evaluation in the Slovak Spotted population. In his lecture he focused on the evaluation of the exterior of livestock, presenting subjective and objective methods used in the evaluation, including the assumptions of their use. He explained in detail the linear evaluation system used in cattle breeding with a practical application in the form of the FleckScore system used in the Slovak Spotted breeding, with which more than 12,000 dairy cows have been evaluated. He explained to the students the importance of scoring for breeders, breeding and research purposes to not only improve the performance of this national breed but also to improve its sustainability and longevity for the future. He demonstrated this by comparing the exterior of the "old fashioned" Slovak spotted cattle - Cementarky cows and the current young - first-calvers cows used for milk production on Slovak farms. At the end there was a short discussion.

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