Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources

Visit from Croatia at the Department of Grassland Ecosystems and Forage Crops


We welcomed the visit from the KRIŽEVCI COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE (Visoko gospodarsko učilište u Križevcima) in Croatia within the framework of ERASMUS+ at the Department of Grassland Ecosystems and Forage Crops of FAFR SUA in Nitra from 14th to 18th May 2018. Mrs. Dean of Dr.sc. Marijana Ivanek-Martinčić and her colleague Dr.sc. Marcela-Andreata Koren are from one of the oldest agricultural training institutions. Both of them act as college professors. We informed each other about pedagogical and scientific-research activities and defined areas of mutual cooperation. The realization of practice and the connection of practical teaching with theory during the stay were very interesting for us. Colleagues from Croatia have greatly appreciated the opportunity to take part in exercises in the course Meadows and pastures, where we have solved with the students how to use botanical records of particular stands in common agricultural practice. The visit also included a visit to the Department's laboratories, Demonstration Base for forage, where the practical training of our students is realized as well as part of the scientific and research activities, especially the diplomats' attempts. We also visited a new experimental base in VPP Kolíňany, Žirany farm focused on "Multifunctional use of grasslands". In the discussion we exchanged experience in methodological procedures in the realization of the experiments and agreed on their mutual exchange.

The program also included a working meeting with Mr. Vice-Dean for Foreign Relations and Practice Ing. Ján Gažo, PhD., presentation of wider possibilities cooperation with the FAFR SUA in Nitra, presentation of the premises of the University and the Botanical Garden.

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