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SUPER-B is a COST Action that between years 2014 and 2018 brought together scientific and societal communities involved in the conservation and sustainable management of ecosystem services mediated by pollinators.

At the Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources (FAFR), on 25th April 2018, the 24th edition of the Scientific Conference of Students was held on the occasion of the University Day of Student Science Conferences at SPU.

On Friday, March 23rd on the meeting at the Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding the professor Nina Brutch from All-Russian Institute of Plants Genetic Resources (VIR) have presented the lecture “Flax

Thessaloniki, historically important city closely connected with history of Slavic and Nitra on the one hand and modern with vibrant culture on other. In past together with Constantinople co-capital of Byzantium Empire is also today second city on Greece and principal center of Macedonia region.