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News and Events

The European livestock sector will present on the 25th of March at 11.00 am "The 9 paradoxes of Farm to Fork", a call to actively participate in the current sustainability challenge to develop and implement an effective and adequate Farm to Fork strategy for Europe. Born from an initiative of Carni Sostenibili and European Livestock Voice, the series of videos will launch simultaneously in 7 European countries and languages: Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal and Poland.

Between  1. and  4. December 2020 was held annual meeting of EAAP (European Association of Animal Science

Scientific Conference of PhD Students at the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia was organised on the occasion of Science and Technology Week in the Slovak Republic.

On Saturday, March 7, 2020, „bee“ hotel NH Bratislava Gate One hosted the conference „Future of European Beekeeping“ subtitled „European Bees under pressure of Asian predators Vespa velutina and Varroa destructor.

Annual meeting of the European Professional Beekeepers Association EPBA (www.professional-beekeepers.eu) was held in Graz, Austria on 20. and 21. February 2020. Slovak beekeepers were represented by doc. Robert Chlebo from Department of Small Animal Science of the FAFR, SUA in Nitra.