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AFISHE consortium project meeting in Nitra






On 6 and 7 June, the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra held a project meeting of the partners of the AFISHE project (2023 - 2025), supported by EU financial funding from the Erasmus+ call for capacity building in higher education.

The aim of the AFISHE project is to create a network between Armenia, Ukraine and EU partner countries in the field of aquaculture and fisheries. The main idea of this project is to reduce the negative impact of aquaculture and fisheries on the environment in Armenia and Ukraine through the design and development of Master programmes in aquaculture and fisheries that are comparable to high-quality similar programmes in Europe and responsive to national and regional needs, and strengthening cooperation on the university-business-research axis in the sense of the concept of 'from education to ecology'.

In preparation of the project meeting in Nitra participated prof. Ing. Radovan Kasarda, PhD., Ing. Jaroslav Andreji, PhD., Assoc. prof. Ing. Nina Moravčíková, PhD., Assoc. prof. Ing. Martin Fik, PhD. from the Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources and Ing. Anton Kováčik, PhD. from the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences.

The meeting was attended by representatives from the Armenian National Agricultural University in Yerevan, the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, the National Agricultural University of Sumy and the National University of Water and Environmental Engineering in Rivne (Ukraine), the University of Porto (Portugal) and the University of Dubrovnik (Croatia). During the two days, discussions and consultations on the implementation of the tasks within the respective working groups and issues related to the project management as well as planning the way forward took place. Partners from Armenia and Ukraine presented a proposal for training modules in the field of aquaculture and fisheries, including syllabuses. The next step will be the selection of responsible teachers from Ukraine and Armenia to undergo practical training in Nitra, Porto and Dubrovnik in order to obtain the necessary skills in teaching the proposed modules. In this context, a technical excursion was organised in the framework of the project to the company's farm Slovryb s.r.o. in Biely Potok in order to present the possibilities of practical training in the field of fish farming under intensive production. The two-day programme was concluded with a gala dinner complemented by a performance by members of the Zobor folklore ensemble. For more information, visit the project website: https://www.afishe.eu.

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