Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources

Career Day at the SUA in Nitra


On 20th November 2018, the Career Day took place at the Slovak University of Agriculture. Central program involved specialised workshops and contact presentations of private and public companies. Faculties as co-organizers prepared specialised presentations for students in accompanying program. Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources organised three selected presentations in Lecture hall A-01. The lecturers were faculty alumni, which inspired students for agricultural practise by their successful life stories. The content of presentations varied from agricultural farming, private business in cheese production to agricultural research. The lecturers and titles of presentations were following:  Ing. Marek Provazník: Real agricultural practise – experiences, observations, questions and answers.  Ing. Martin Hiadlovský: From university to practise – school of life. Ing. Ján Huba, CSc.: Knowledges and experiences of study on SUA as a good spawn for career development. The full lecture hall and active discussions proved the interest of the students. Career Day of SUA achieved its aim – to connect the University and students with agricultural practise in interactive form.

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