Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources

Conference on photosynthesis research for sustainability


In the period of June 23th to June 28th, the conference “Photosynthesis and Hydrogen Energy Research for Sustainability 2019” was held in Saint Petersbourg, Russia. The conference, in which participated more than 200 scientists from 30 countries, was organized by the Russian Academy of Sciences and University of Saint Petersburg. The event was organized on behalf of prominent personalities of photosynthesis research: Kimiyuki Satoh (Japan), Tingyun Kuang (China), Cesare Marchetti (Italy) and Anthony Larkum (Australia). At the conference, the SAU was represented by doc. Ing. Marek Živčák, PhD.,  Ing. Marek Kovár, PhD., Ing. Lenka Botyanszka a Ing. Dominika Mlynáriková-Vysoká. In addition to participants from the host country, the most numerous were the scientists from Japan, USA, Western Europe, which are the leading countries in this scientific area; anyway, Slovakia with 5 participants was also well represented. Although in this year, unlike the previous years, the conference was without the attendance of Nobel Prize Winners, many lectures of prominent personalities of the photosynthesis research have been presented at the scientific forum. The conference provided also a unique forum for scientific discussions and non-formal meetings with a great atmosphere. Thus, in addition to new knowledge, attendants took home many new contacts and offers for international cooperation. 

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