Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources

Cultural Heritage of Small Homelands“ internship


Collaboration project between Agriculture University of Krakow (PL), Veterinary university in Kosice (SK), Veterinary university of Brno (CZ) and Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra „Cultural Heritage of Small Homelands „moved toward its second (final) year. Within the scope of study and identification of bioindicators of traditional homelands was in November 2019 realized in Slovakia first internship in settlement of Stara Hora (Sebechleby), heritage site of folk architecture. Nowadays was organized 2nd internship in south-east part of Slovakia in villages Vinicky and Mala Trna. Purpose of the internship were „Gazdovske pivnicky“ – collection of 33 portals, which guide visitors into the historical TOKAJ vine cellars (heritage site of Slovakia), created in 15th century, in times of Turkish invasions into the territory of today’s Slovakia. In unique conditions of local cellars are cultivated unique vine grapes, which are not seen elsewhere thee TOKAJ vine yards. Traditional technology of processing and production were part of the internship. prof. Radovan Kasarda from FAPZ, prof. Jozef Golian and doc. Martina Fikselová from FBP represented our university. Important part of the project was administrative section where partners discussed further collaboration after end of the projects, where work groups were established to prepare future proposals of Visegrad Funds, H2020 as well as next Horizon EUROPE. Next internship is planned in Czech Republic, organized by project partner from Brno. Final meeting will take place at the beginning of October in Krakow, Poland.

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