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EurBee Congress of Apidology in Ghent


From 18 to 20 September 2018, the EurBee Congress of Apidology was held in Ghent, Belgium. This meeting follows the Eurbee congresses in Udine, Prague, Belfast, Ankara, Halle, Murcia, and Cluj Napoca. The EurBee congresses are held every two years and are a major international forum for discussion of the latest and most important results in bee research. The meetings bring together scientists from different fields and serve as a venue for exchanging ideas that emerge from basic and applied research.

EurBee has become the premier event for researchers studying different aspects of wild and managed bees, and how they respond to environmental changes. The venue of Eurbee 8 has become the Ghent University, the most prestigious Belgian university, according to the Shanghai Rating the 61st world's top academic institution. This University host also the Honeybee Valley research and project consortium, focused on apidology science and advisory service for beekeepers.

At this year's Congress, more than 400 participants could listen to over 160 lectures within 3 days. Two days before the start of the EurBee Congress, the 14th Conference of beekeeping scientific organization COLOSS was held in the same venue, which served as a forum for discussion on trends and cooperation in the field of apidology research in the near future.

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra was represented at both conferences by doc. Róbert Chlebo, direct participant of all EurBee congresses. Other Slovak institutions presented at EurBee included University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Košice and Slovak Academy of Sciences.

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