Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources

Field practical from the subject Animal Science.


On 25 and 26 October, students of the Animal Science course completed a field practical to assess the barn environment and comfort of dairy cows on the university farm in Oponice, which is described as highly comfortable. The barn evaluation was carried out on the axis feed-water-light-space-rest-air, focusing on the overall evaluation of the barn environment, the individual cow groups and the individual evaluation of the appearance of the selected animals. After an initial presentation and briefing, the students were divided into groups and recorded their observations on pre-prepared evaluation sheets. In addition to the subjective evaluation, demonstrations of objective evaluation by stick and tape measurements, coupled with live weight estimation as well as the concept of stress-free measurement and weighing of cows using digital photo analysis using a mobile app, were conducted. At the next practical exercise, each group will present their observations, and an evaluation of their activity will take place.

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