Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources

First International Wheat Congress in Saskatoon, Canada


In the period of June 21th to June 27th, the congress “1st International Wheat Congress” was held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan province, Canada. The congress, in which participated more than 900 scientists from 50 countries, was organized by the Univeristy of Saketchewan, in cooperation with important local and international institutes. At the conference, the SAU was represented by prof. Marián Brestič and Assoc. Prof. Marek Živčák. In addition to participants from the host country and neighbors from USA, the most numerous were the scientists from EU, Japan, China, Australia, but numerous participants came from developing countries of Africa, Asia, Central and South America. The conference was focused on all aspects of wheat research, including genetics, plant physiology, phytopathology, agronomy, quality and others, including social and economic aspects. A great attention was paid to Climate change effects, including drought, and high temperature effects. The conference provided also a unique forum for scientific discussions and non-formal meetings with a great atmosphere. Thanks to new contacts, the attendees from Slovak University of Agriculture had the possibility to visit the unique facilities of the University of Saskatchewan, which has very well-developed research program in crop science focused mostly on wheat research.

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