Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources

International agricultural symposium, - Agrosym 2018, 4th – 7th October, Sarajevo-Jahorina, Bosna and Hercegovina


AGROSYM is, in the last nine years, an annual platform for international scientific discussion on agriculture, food, rural development, environment and forestry. AGROSYM represents a good opportunity to exchange ideas, to strengthen existing and to create new academic networks, and to foster dialogue between the academia, public institutions, the private sector and civil society organizations on the recent global and regional trends in the agro-food sector.

As well as before, this year, AGROSYM organizers received over 1000 abstracts from 74 world countries in areas of plant production, plant protection and food safety, organic agriculture, environment protection and natural resources management, animal husbandry, rural development and agro-economy, and forestry and agroforestry.

University and Faculty has been represented in form of theatre presentation of Ing. Nina Moravcikova et al.: Autozygosity islands resulting from artificial selection in Slovak spotted cattle and 2 posters: Kasarda et al.: Genomic and Pedigree based inbreeding in Slovak Spotted Cattle; Trakovická et al.: The impact of polymorphism of thyroglobulin gene on beef quality, in Animal Husbandry session. Doc. Kasarda was invited to chair Animal Husbandry session including Poster session.

Multidisciplinary results reported during AGROSYM will contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and good practices to all actors of the agro-food chain (e.g. farmers, extension agents, researchers, policy makers) as well as the general public about the importance of agriculture and food science, one of the most important strategic areas of many national research strategies.

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