Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources

International agricultural symposium AGROSYM 2019


On 3. – 6. October 2019 was held in Jahorina (Bosnia and Herzegovina) the 10th International Agricultural Symposium AGROSYM 2019. This symposium presents a platform for international scientific discussion related to agriculture, food, rural development, environment and forestry. This year more than 1000 papers representing 80 countries of the world were presented in areas of plant production, plant protection and food safety, organic agriculture, environment protection and natural resources management, animal husbandry, rural development and agro-economy, and forestry and agroforestry. The theatre contributions were organized into 10 thematic areas and poster sessions.

In the beginning, prof. Ing. Magdaléna Lacko-Bartošová, CSc. presented her contribution on the topic: “Development and perspectives of organic agriculture- production and economic aspect” as a part of plenary lectures. In addition, the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra was represented within the session Animal Husbandry by scientists and PhD. students from Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding Biology, Department of Animal Husbandry, Department of Animal Nutrition and Department of Veterinary Sciences. During the first part of this session, two papers from KGPB were presented: Genome-wide distribution of autozygosity islands in Slovak Warmblood horse (Ing. Moravčíková) and Genetic diversity and level of admixture in Slovak Spotted cattle (Ing. Lehocká). Within the poster session, the contributions of prof. Radovan Kasarda, prof. Anna Trakovická and Ing. Jozef Bujko were presented. Prof. Kasarda and Ing. Moravčíková were invited to chair Animal Husbandry session.

The Department of Animal Husbandry was represented by doc. Ing. Klára Vavrišínová, CSc., and doc. Mgr. Peter Juhás, PhD., which presented studies from the area of beef quality and pig behaviour under stress. The Department of Animal Nutrition, represented by Ing. Renáta Kolláthová and Ing. Aljoša Janjić, presented the results of their work by two posters. The Department of Veterinary Sciences was represented by Ing. Martina Pšenková, PhD. with a study from the area of the analysis of factors that affect the sheep milk quality.

The results presented during the symposium contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and practice to all actors in the agri-food chain (farmers, extension agents, researchers) as well as to the public about the importance of agriculture and food, one of the most important strategic priorities in many national research programs.

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