Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources

International conference „7th Animal Breeding Scientific Day in Gödöllö“


Institute of Animal Husbandry of Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of Szent Istvan University in Godollo organized at 22. November 2019 7-th International conference focused to animal breeding and husbandry. Presentations and discussion were divided to three sections. Animal Husbandry I. section was focused to ruminants, Animal Husbandry II. Section to non-ruminants. Separate section was held on bentonite use in animal husbandry. Slovak University of Agriculture was represented by members of the Department of Animal Husbandry. Prof. Margetín introduced results of selection and breeding of new Slovak sheep breed in presentation “Slovak dairy sheep – new composite sheep in Slovakia“. Assoc. prof. Juhás presented results of the department research in area husbandry condition improvement at presentation „Effect of environmental enrichment to aggresive behaviour in piglets“. Assoc. prof. Vavrišinová, Ing. Janíček and Ing. Hozáková presented systems of veal and lamb production on the posters „The use of Slovak spotted breed in suckler beef system“ and „Effect of linseed and sunflower oil supplementation in the diet on health beneficiary fatty acids in intramuscular fat of lamb“. The presentation of Slovak dairy sheep breed attract interest of participants from Hungary, Czech as well as South Africa and provoked discussion about sheep breeding importance and its production use. The successful course of conference discussions was supported by comfortable feel of area Knowledge transfer centre „Tudástranszfer Központ“, in which the conference was held. Centre is located in university campus. The participant can during breaks admire the exhibit of agriculture technologies from antique to 20-th century.

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