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Jubilee Xth Annual Interactive Young Scientist Conference 2018 – TO4 for FAFR


Jubilee Xth Annual Interactive Young Scientist Conference 2018 – TO4 for FAFR


The Association Preveda organizes a unique and innovative conference in Slovakia for young researchers focused on selected fields of chemical and natural sciences:



  • biochemistry and molecular biology
  • biotechnology and food technology
  • analytical chemistry
  • organic, bio-organic, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology
  • environmental
  • biomedical physics, mathematical modeling, bio-statistics, biometrics

It provides an easy way to present the work, interactive discussion on expert topics, and gaining a full-featured post in the conference proceedings. The PREVEDA project has succeeded in launching a series of conferences whose content and high level of awareness will help to maintain the educational level as well as to streamline the study of the young scientific community.

The jubilee 10th edition of this conference was attended by young scientists from the Department of Genetics and Breeding Biology, Ing. Nina Moravčíková, PhD. with a contribution on "Bioinformatics tools for the analysis of livestock genetic diversity" and Ing. Kristína Candráková "Influence of polymorphism of selected genes on BMI and gender in humans" in the section Biophysics, mathematical modeling, biostatistics. It is delighted that Nina Moravčíková's work has been selected by TOP4 from among 75 entries and has been given the opportunity to present her presentation in the framework of the conference's, with a short lecture of 10 + 5 minutes, which took place on 6th June 2018 in Bratislava discussion seminar on 10 years PREVEDA "par excellence".

The guests of the event were also successful ERC grant coordinators, prof. Mgr. Petr Svoboda, Ph.D., Ing. Milan Vrabel, Ph.D., Doc. Mgr. Jana Kalbacova Vejpravová, Ph.D., Mgr. Tomas Eichler, who made a cross-section of the quantum evolution of genetics, organic chemistry, spin hybrids and magnetism, the secrets of sleep and wakefulness, especially in science.

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