Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources

Meat production: key opportunities and challenges in the sector in Slovakia


Within the General Animal Science course there was a selection lecture by Ing. Rudolf Nádaský, PhD., whose aim was to present to students the key knowledge and skills in the field of meat performance evaluation from the acquisition of animals for fattening, taking into account breed composition, nutrition and feeding as well as economic factors that significantly affect the profitability of the farm. Ing. Rudolf Nádaský, PhD., is a representative of a generation of managers who have maintained and increased the performance of agricultural companies to the level of competitiveness of Western European farms. He is the CEO of the best performing farm in Slovakia for 2021 (Top Agro Slovakia), which has the largest fattening cattle farm in Slovakia.  He is a passionate cattle breeder, concerned with the impact of cattle breeding on meat quality. He is a graduate of our faculty and in 2018 at the Department of Genetics and Breeding Biology he defended his dissertation thesis focused on the use of genetic methods to improve the quality of beef cattle meat. PD Špačince is one of the top European producers of durum wheat and quality beef. It is an exemplary practitioner of sustainable land management. The presentation included information on animal welfare with regard to housing, health, group formation and handling and transport, on-farm evaluation of live animals for selection for delivery as well as final pricing based on carcass evaluation at slaughterhouses. A short discussion with the students was held at the end of the lecture.

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