Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources

Meeting of the European Beekeeping Coordination Group BeeLife


Meeting of the non-profit organization BeeLife members took place in Brussels on February 11. - 12., 2020. The BeeLife NGO focus on improving living conditions for pollinating insects and coordinates beekeeping activities at EU level. Bees are an ideal bio indicator of the environmental status, thus 'Pollinator index' as an assessment criterion for the implementation of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) was discussed. The CAP proposal with regard to pollinator protection is available at the www.bee-life.eu/publications. Other topics of the agenda included presentations of the IoBee research project (io-bee.eu), the EU discussion club 'Bee Partnership', new tool for the integration and communication of bee and pollinator-related data 'Bee Hub', the organization of this year's' Bee Week '(www. beeweek.eu) in the European Parliament as well as support for the "Save the bees and farmers" petition (savebeesandfarmers.eu). An educational project on pollinators from Sweden (www.pollinerasverige.se) was also presented. Slovak beekeepers were at this meeting represented by doc. Robert Chlebo from Department of Small Animal Science of the FAFR, SUA in Nitra.

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