Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources

Meeting of the European Professional Beekeepers Association


Annual meeting of the European Professional Beekeepers Association EPBA (www.professional-beekeepers.eu) was held in Graz, Austria on 20. and 21. February 2020. Slovak beekeepers were represented by doc. Robert Chlebo from Department of Small Animal Science of the FAFR, SUA in Nitra.

At the beginning of the meeting actual country reports on beekeeping sector were presented by member associations representatives. Main tasks of the association for the near future - including ISO nomatives for honey and other products of hive, BeeXML protocol for bee-related data exchange, alarming situation with global honey prices and honey adulteration, bees wax counterfeiting problems, restrictions dealing with transhumance into protected areas, etc. – were discussed. Frank Aletru from France became the new chairman of the Association.

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