Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources

NUTRICON 2019: excellent opportunity to discuss our results with Doctors, Nutritionists, Food technologist and Engineers.


From 12th to 14th of June 2019 at the congress NUTRCON2019 (Ohrid, Macedonia) scientific team from the Department of Animal Genetics and Breeding Biology, FAPZ, SUA in Nitra, namely: prof. Radovan Kasarda, prof. Anna Trakovická and Dr. Nina Moravčíkova, presented results of join collaboration with assoc. prof. Radoslav Židek, FBP, SUA in Nitra on topics:

Risk assessment of fat-soluble vitamins based on genetic score predictive model

Maximal amount of O2 per unit of time can suggest improvements in cardiorespiratory fitness in response to exercise training

Our contributions fit very well into the aim of the congress to give comprehensive insight and understanding of today´s food quality, safety, health and nutrition issues. The business trip and the presentation of the results were took place under the support of the project APVV-14-0054 as part of its solution. Almost 170 contributions from 28 countries were presented in form of theatre and posters.

As part of the congress two pre-conference training were organized: Advanced Hygienic Engineering and Design Training as well as HACCP Training under gesture of EHEDG and GHI organizations.

For more information on the congress can be found at: http://www.keyevent.org/nutricon_invitation


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