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Study excursion of study program Farming


On 4th  of May 2018 students from study program Farming attended after previous agreement with doc. Ing. Radovan Kasarda, PhD., guarantor (supervisor) of study program, excursion with the aim visit family owned and managed farms:

  • Biodynamic Libichava
  • Agrofam Salaš Cibájky
  • Family farm Němec Slovenské Pravno

Biodynamic Libichava is family company producing apples in bio-quality, following rules of biodynamic management. They are in present farming on 160 ha in area of Libichava village. To the farm belong herd of Scottish highland cattle as producer of manure for nutrition of Apple trees, several water ponds and fishponds as watter reservoirs. We would like to thank Mr. Johann Moscon and his wife for excellent presentation and experiences well as for the preparation of refreshment and small tasting of products.

Agrofarm Salaš Cibájky is placed in the neighbourhood of Klatova Nova Ves. Farm is producing under ecological conditions, oriented on milk and meat sheep and goat products. To the farm belong as well small abattoir and milk and meat processing plant. Farm is fattening pigs for production of traditional products and for the Restaurant as well.  Surrounding nature, with pastures and several hundred years old oaks was beautiful. Many thanks to Ing. Vladimir Hamara, who finished our faculty last year for excellent presentation and reply of all questions.

Farm Němec in SLovenske Pravno is biofarm, placed in old cooprerative farm yard. The family is breeding sheep and goats, some horse, poultry and beef cattle. In total farming on 70 ha of meadows and pastures, mainly for hay production for farm needs. Mrs. Dana Němcová presented the farm and explained their ideas and reality of economy of the farm. Later students visited deer park belonging to the farm as new project of the family.

Many thanks all people who spend time in preparation and presentation of the family farm life, because it is essential to connect theory with the practise.

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