Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources

The Beekeeping Congress in Moscow


On September 9-13, 2018, the 22nd Beekeeping Congress of Apislavia was held in Moscow. Apislavia is a Federation of beekeeping associations, founded in 1910, formerly as an organisation of beekeepers from Slavic countries. At present, the Federation is open to all beekeepers from Europe and post-Soviet republics and its main task is to create bridge between bee-keepers from Western and Eastern Europe. Apislavia regularly organizes congresses every two years, which usually consists of a conference, fair, bee products contest, meetings of the Apislavia General Assembly, as well as accompanying and cultural events.

The Congress held at the Moscow Sokolniki Convention Centre can be ranked as one of the largest since restoring the tradition of its organization in 1990. Participants, including about 70 beekeepers from Slovakia, will certainly remember the monumental opening ceremony in the State Kremlin Palace, which was attended by more than 5000 visitors. The co-organizer of the Congress was also doc. Robert Chlebo from the Slovak Agricultural University, who also acts as a Secretary General of this international Federation. Within a fair framework an international honey competition was organised, where Slovak beekeepers won 6 medals, and once again confirmed the excellent quality of our products from hive. During the 3 days of lectures in two parallel sessions, a lot of interesting talks was presented, including two plenary lectures from Slovak speakers.

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