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The ISAGREED project entered second year of implementation.






The international cooperation partnership project between universities from Slovakia (FAPZ, SPU Nitra) Czech Republic (ČZU Prague and MU Brno) and Poland (Siedlce University) supported by ERASMUS+ funds has entered the second year of implementation. From 1st to 3rd February, the first LTT (Learning, Teaching, Training) didactic activity for academic staff focusing on digital learning took place in Nitra. In the framework of the meeting, 3 invited lectures were organised for project participants from Slovakia and partner countries. The invitation was accepted by PhDr. Mgr. Jana Kollár Rybanská, PhD. director of the university counselling and support centre SPU Nitra, who gave an introductory lecture on the topic "Activating didactic methods and their use in online higher education". The lecture not only summarized the previous experience and attitude of students towards online and hybrid forms of education, it outlined the advantages of online communication from the perspective of today's generation of students, as well as the need for educators to be creative in terms of activating and motivating students when studying online. Another invited speaker was Assoc. PaeDr. Peter Brečka, PhD. from the Department of Technology and Information Technology UKF in Nitra, who presented the topic "E-learning - key concepts, principles and specifics of distance text creation, organization of study", which was focused on the definition of content and scope in relation to the needs of education. This more methodological and technical lecture was followed by a lecture by Ing. Erik Janšto, PhD. from the Institute of Marketing and Social Studies, FEM SPU in Nitra on the topic "Digitalization of education is not the goal, but the means", which only confirmed the need for innovation in the educational process and the need to use digitalization in the process of higher education. As it was said the digital transformation has to take place efficiently, centralized online materials are available today, but it is necessary to use tools that will activate participation and promote collaboration and develop different applications towards personalized learning taking into account the specific needs of students. However, as it has been said, there is a need to measure and evaluate the performance of apps and students, which is relatively easy with the cloud-based solutions available today.

The ISAGREED project is progressing, with working groups preparing digital modules on Animal Genetics, Animal Genetics, Animal Conservation and Sustainability, Animal Breeding and Precision Livestock Production for the Bachelor's degree, which represents the first horizontal activity of the project.


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