Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources

Academics Officials

Dean : tl_files/fapz/galleries/vedenie fakulty/Ondrisik.jpg

doc. Ing. Peter Ondrišík, PhD.

Dean of the Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources                                                         telefón: 037/641 5497
E-mail: Peter.Ondrisik@uniag.sk



tl_files/fapz/galleries/vedenie fakulty/cerny.jpg doc. Ing. Ivan Černý, PhD.
Vice-dean for Development and Public Relations
telefón: 037/641 4231
E-mail: Ivan.Cerny@uniag.sk
  tl_files/fapz/galleries/vedenie fakulty/Gazo.jpg  Ing. Ján Gažo, PhD.
Vice-dean for Education
telefón: 037/641 4245
E-mail: Jan.Gazo@uniag.sk
  tl_files/fapz/galleries/vedenie fakulty/Kasarda.jpg prof. Ing. Radovan Kasarda, PhD.
Vice-dean for International Relations and Practice
telefón: 037/641 4245
E-mail: Radovan.Kasarda@uniag.sk
  tl_files/fapz/galleries/vedenie fakulty/Kasarda.jpg  Ing. Jaroslav Andreji, PhD.
Vice-dean for Science, Research and Internal system of quality
telefón: 037/641 4700
E-mail: Jaroslav.Andreji@uniag.sk
Chairman of the Senate : tl_files/fapz/galleries/vedenie fakulty/candrak.jpg

doc. Ing. Juraj Candrák, PhD.                                                               ] Chairman of the Senate
telefón: 037/641 4297,
E-mail: Juraj.Candrak@uniag.sk

Faculty Financial Manager : tl_files/fapz/galleries/vedenie fakulty/Pastiakova.jpg Ing. Zuzana Paštiaková                                                                                                                           Faculty Financial Manager
telefón: 037/641 5514, 037/641 5498
E-mail: Zuzana.Pastiakova@uniag.sk